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Top Tips For Maintaining Your Timber Fencing

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A timber fence can serve a number of purposes within a garden including security, a backdrop for plants in a border, keeping pets contained, or simply marking a boundary line.   However, without regular care & maintenance these benefits can be lost; an annual visual inspection is strongly recommended.  Here are some straight forward tips to keep your fence in top condition and extend its service life.

1. Ensure posts are firmly secure in the ground; a fence ‘flapping’ or ‘rocking’ in strong winds will gradually tear itself apart.
2. Ensure posts are not standing in water; water around the base will speed up rot & decay at the point which is most vulnerable – where it goes into the ground.
3. Ensure any nails or other fixings that may have worked loose are hammered in, or tightened up as appropriate.
4. Replace any gravel boards that are showing signs of decay.  This is to be expected as they are there to be ‘sacrificial’  and protect the main fence above, from decay.
5. Replace any damaged or split components as soon as convenient to keep the fence structurally sound.
6. If the fence has been coated with stain or paint, ensure it is regularly recoated.
7. Ensure no overhanging shrubs or trees are liable to knock against the fence and cause damage, especially in windy conditions.
8. Keep down weed and grass growth along the base line of the fence; good airflow will ensure better drying after wetting, which will benefit service life.

Timber fencing will not last forever but with regular care and maintenance its life can be prolonged.  Left to deteriorate it can become an expensive and time consuming problem.  

Take time to maintain your fence regularly – it really does pay off !