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Timber decking: things to consider

Friday, July 29, 2016

Living in the UK means we don’t get to make full use of outdoor space due to the cold weather. For this reason, come summer we all tend to be out until the sun goes down. Timber decking is the perfect addition to any garden and is ideal for relaxing, eating and hosting outdoors in the summer.

timber decking

A staple in most landscape gardens, timber decks have the ability to transform empty spaces into stylish spots to be proud of. There are few things to consider before adding timber decking to a garden.

Consider type of decking and maintenance requirements

Before thinking about shape, size and location, you may want to consider what type of timber decking you want to use. We have a range of softwood, hardwood and composite decking for you to choose from, instore and online.

From a maintenance point of view, composite is the obvious option if you’re looking for something that requires less maintenance. The combination of wood and plastic used in composite makes this type of decking less prone to weathering and rot.

If you’re looking for a more natural wood look and feel, timber decking would be the more suitable product. It requires slightly more maintenance but gives a more authentic feel to any given landscape. We supply a range of timber decking boards in a variety of styles and colours.

Browse our collection of decking boards here.

Maintenance doesn’t have to be a major worry. Keeping the deck free from dirt, leaves and water will play a huge part in preventing mould, rot and structural problems. If after time decking becomes faded and less water resistant, treatments and stains can be used to give them a boost.

Choosing a location

Once you’ve chosen the decking you want, the most important consideration with be the location. You will need to choose a spot that will make your decking look great in all seasons. Places with tree coverage aren’t the best place as dirt, leaves and bugs will be falling onto your decking; damaging it and making it less inviting. If your decking isn’t correctly treated, then spots next to bodies of water may also need to be avoided.

Choosing a shape and style

Timber decking doesn’t have to be straight edged. Shapes and curves can be easily created to take decking to the next level. Decks can be can be built in a variety of styles to work alongside any landscape. If you are looking to create a raised deck, then you can use our range of carcassing joists to build up a frame.

If you have a raised deck or are interested in adding embellishments then you may wish to consider our decking balustrading, spindles and handrails to perfectly match your decking. We a stock a range of treated timber products that can provide safety but can also make the deck a real feature area.

See our balustrade product range here.

timber decking

Accentuate timber decking

The shape and style of your decking can make it look great alone but there are ways to further accentuate timber decking into something to be really proud of. Decking is common place in most impressive landscapes and there are some fantastic inspiration pieces online, so search away to find some creative ideas. Using plants and greenery to brighten up your decking looks great in the summer.

Maintaining timber decking

Decking does require a certain level of maintenance if you want to keep it looking its best. Keeping it clean is key to prevent mould and potentially rot. If you already have a deck that looks worn, then there are ways to breathe some life back into it for the summer.

Heavy rain and general bad British weather can sometimes leave decking looking a bit dull. You can add colour to your timber decking using a stain if you want to. This is a quick and effective way to brighten up your garden and turn it into a feature element.

Product guides and how tos

At Beaumont Forest we care about the longevity of the timber that we sell to our customers. We’ve put some to help you make the most of your timber decking. We have also put together some detailed product guides for different decking that we sell at Beaumont Forest. This will give you full details of the product and care requirements of some of our best selling products.

See all our guides here.

For any keen DIYers, we have put together a how to guide on constructing timber decking.  Find out how here.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about timber decking. Alternatively, you can pop in to one of our three branches to talk to a knowledgeable sales advisor. We would be happy to advise you on the best product for your particular project.