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Three reasons to choose exterior timber cladding for your building

Friday, May 25, 2018

Adding cladding to the outside of a building is a great way to improve it's appearance and make it more resistant to the elements. Once you’ve decided you’d like to spruce up a building with cladding, you need to decide which type is right for your situation – it’s going to be there for several decades after all. Timber is a durable and attractive choice for cladding, so here are three reasons we’d recommend choosing it for your exterior walls 

1.It’s available in a variety of hues and board types

Adding timber to the outside of a building creates a beautiful natural look. Whether you’re looking for cosy beige or sleek black cladding, a timber option is available to complement the building you’re applying it to. Even once you’ve chosen the colour of your wood, timber is very versatile – so if you decide later down the line you’d prefer a different shade, it can be easily stained, varnished, or painted to change up the look and add further protection. Available in feather-edge for a traditional look or log lap for a more rustic feel, there’s a timber cladding option for every project.

Exterior timber cladding

2.There’s an option to fit all budgets

Whatever your budget, timber can be found in a variety of hardwoods, softwoods and modified woods to make it accessible to all. Each type will offer their own unique look and benefits, so it’s worth investing some time into ensuring the timber cladding you choose is ideal for your situation. Click here to read more detailed information about the different cladding options we offer at Beaumont Forest.

3.It adds strong insulation

Adding timber cladding is a great way to save money on either heating or air-conditioning the building - and there’s the added environmental benefit of saving energy. It will also help to minimise noise pollution between rooms and from outdoors, making the space more relaxing and comfortable.

Browse our affordable range of timber options to choose the right style for your project or get in contact with us to discuss your specific requirements.