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The benefits of chipboard flooring for your next project

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Chipboard flooring, also known as particleboard flooring, is an engineered wood product. It’s made from fine wood particles pressed and extruded with a resin to bind them together. The resulting product is smooth and consistent, as well as cheaper than many other timber products.

Our chipboard flooring is supplied in 2400mm x 600mm moisture resistant sheets in thicknesses of 18mm and 22mm. With tongue and groove on all four sides, it’s easy to lay and can be fitted with concealed fixings for a super smooth finish.

Reasons to use chipboard flooring

Chipboard flooring has been specifically designed for use on floors. It’s ideally suited for use as flooring in new builds, as a replacement board or for suspended floors over existing solid subfloors.TG Chipboard

There are plenty of reasons for using chipboard flooring over alternatives in your next project. Here’s just a few.

Cost effective

Because it’s an engineered wood product that can be made from offcuts and other waste wood products, chipboard flooring is much cheaper than the alternatives. In fact our 22mm chipboard flooring sheets are less than half the price of our 18mm Metsa Spruce TG4 plywood sheets, which is also suitable for flooring. This makes the savings that can be made over the course of a build quite considerable.

Easy to lay

Our chipboard flooring sheets have been designed specifically for use as flooring. As a result they have a range of features that make them quick and easy to lay.

Our 2400mm x 600mm sheets are the ideal size to be used with 400mm or 600mm centres without cutting or waste, making them easy to lay in standard construction projects or when replacing existing boards.

As an engineered product, the expansion and shrinkage of chipboard flooring is consistent and easy to take account for. Tongue and groove on all sides allows for tight joints and close fitting, saving time and effort in finishing.

Chipboard flooring can be fixed using screws, nails or suitable adhesives. It’s easy to cut and shape to take into account recesses or steps in walls.

Safe for use in all parts of the home

All of our chipboard flooring meets the standards required for BS EN312, which cover strength, fire resistance, moisture resistance and more. Our panels meet the P5 grade of BS EN312, making it suitable for use in humid conditions. This means that it’s suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms when combined with an appropriate floor covering.

Can be used before buildings are weathertight

Our protected face chipboard flooring has an easy to remove covering that offers up to 42 days of moisture resistance. This is ideal for new builds that are not yet weather proofed, allowing you to get on with the build, saving time and money.

No more creaking floorboards!

If chipboard flooring is glued to the joists any movement can be kep to a minimum. This makes for a silent floor that won’t wobble and creak as it gets older.

Easy to cover

With tongue and groove on all sides, you can lay using glue or concealed fixings to keep the floor surface smooth. This makes it much easier to lay floor coverings and can reduce the need for underlays. Wooden floor coverings and laminates can be screwed directly to chipboard flooring for a flat and secure finish.

Smooth and consistent

As an engineered wood product, chipboard flooring is consistent and even. Unlike natural timber products there are no knots to contend with and you don't have to look out for voids as you would with plywood. This reduces the time you need to finish the floor and reduces wastage, making chipboard flooring an even more cost effective option.

Where can chipboard flooring be used?

Chipboard flooring is a versatile product that can be used for a range of applications. Here are a few ideas of how it can be used.

Floating subfloor for wood and laminate flooring

Both our 18mm and 22mm sheets can be used as a floating subfloor over suitable substrates, such as concrete screed. Glued together using the tongue and groove joints, chipboard flooring provides a flat and stable layer that floor coverings, such as our ELKA Solid Oak Premium Flooring, can be fixed to easily.

Boarding out lofts

Chipboard flooring is an ideal option for boarding out existing loft spaces. 22mm boards should be used at heights above first floor to meet building regulations, with a maximum joist spacing of 600mm. The boards can be screwed, nailed or glued to the joists with an appropriate adhesive.

If you’re planning to convert your loft into a room, your ceiling joists may not be strong enough to support these loads. Therefore you should always check with a qualified professional.

Floors for new build projects and extensions

Our protected face chipboard flooring is perfect for new builds as it comes with a moisture resistant film that can protect it from the weather for up to 42 days. That allows you to get on with laying the flooring before the roof is finished and means that storage on site is easier.

22mm thick boards should be used for floors at first floor height and above to meet building regulations and NHBC requirements.

Because our chipboard flooring is all P5 grade, it’s safe to use in humid areas like bathrooms and kitchens. However, while it is moisture resistant, you should avoid allowing chipboard to get wet.

Buying chipboard flooring

You can buy our chipboard flooring from our online store, visit one of our stores in Ascot, Hoddesdon or High Wycombe or sign up to get an online quote.

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