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How to make the most of your timber fencing

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

With warmer weather on the way and barbecue season fast approaching, now's the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor area with fresh fencing, and timber fencing can make a great addition to any garden when properly cared for. Here's our advice to help you make the most out of yours.

Timber to suit your taste

Timber fencing can be purchased in a variety of panelling options and can be stained and treated to your personal taste. You can also add complementary timber gates and trellises to really accentuate your timber fencing and garden as a whole.

smart timber fence on grass

If you are looking for timber fencing, it is important to know that there are many different types available to you. We stock a wide range of timber fencing, from traditional panelling to European and Venetian styles. As with any wooden products, timber fencing requires a certain level of consideration in order to maintain the best quality and longest lasting fencing.

Protecting the environment

We have over 25 years’ worth of experience as timber specialists and have been wholly committed to supporting the environment. With all of the timber products that we supply, we ensure that we comply with all of the correct environmental requirements. Our wide range of products including timber fencing, are sourced from responsibly managed and well sustained forests.

Protecting your timber fencing against the elements

Weather in the UK is often unpredictable, miserable and wet, so it is important to protect your timber fencing from the wind and rain. Preventing potential problems with your timber fencing, rather than fixing them afterwards, can often work out much cheaper in the long run.

• Sealing your timber fencing every couple of years is essential in preventing the bad weather from damaging your fencing. Water absorbing into your fencing rather than falling off in beads is a tell-tale sign that your timber fencing is in need of sealing.

• The best way to prevent British weather from damaging your timber fencing is to ensure that your fencing stands the best possible chance against extreme weather. Having solid timber posts in place helps towards protecting your fencing against strong winds. Our posts are pressure treated, giving them the best possible chance against wind and rain.

• Putting concrete posts may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option for your garden but it is does give your timber fencing the firmest structure possible. If you want a solid

Having just experienced the wettest December since records began, your timber fencing is likely to have taken a battering. Keeping an eye on the condition of your timber fencing is key to preventing costly repairs. If you spot any split or damaged panels, it is important to replace then as soon as possible as the structural integrity of your timber fencing will have weakened. Weak timber fencing is more prone to damage and collapsing which is why safeguarding the structure is so critical.

timber fencing

Cleaning your timber fencing

Keeping your timber fencing clean throughout the wet months helps to prevent issues such as fungus, algae and rot. Preventing such issues and regularly cleaning your fencing is just one of the sure fire ways to keep your fencing in tip top condition.

In order to clean your timber fencing you can simply blast off any dirt and mildew with a pressure washer or hose and brush.

Giving your timber fencing a facelift

If you are looking to give you timber fencing a boost, then you can stain it with your choice of wood stain. Not only can this brighten up your timber fencing and add a great finish, but it also works towards protecting it from the elements.

Another way of enhancing your timber fencing is to add embellishments such as lattices and trellises. These are a great way to create a distinctive style throughout your garden and add a unique texture to any timber fencing. You can stain them to match too.

Quality accessories

Whether you are looking for hinges, lock or nails we supply everything you may need to erect the perfect timber fencing. All of our accessories are made from top quality materials that are built to last and withstand the cold, wind and rain.

Repairing your timber fencing

Damaged posts and panels can not only look bad but they can weaken your fencing, which is why it is important to frequently check its condition. Replacing screws, panels and bolts where needed, works towards guaranteeing a long life.

At Beaumont Forest we stock a range of top quality timber products and specialise in timber fencing. Take a look at our wide range of timber fencing products here or contact us now to discuss your own specific requirements.