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Add a continental touch to your garden: alternatives to traditional timber fencing

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Traditional timber fencing can quite often feel restrictive in style, but there are plenty of other options available. You don’t just have to fit straight panelled fences into your garden. Popular alternatives for traditional fencing can make your garden look unique and more inviting.

continental fence panels

Continental fence panels

Continental fence panels are constructed with a heavy-duty timber frame and can come in many different styles, including curved tops and trellis topped. Our trellis topped fencing is arguably one of our most popular styles. With a range of heights available, from 1.2 to 1.8 metres, they can still provide the same amount of privacy as a regular fence.

Open boarded continental fencing

We also have open boarded continental fence panels which are perfect for those looking to create a border without feeling too enclosed. This is a great option for those with lovely views beyond their properties; you can outline your border without losing sight of your surroundings. These also work particularly well for those looking to grow climbers on their fences.


Our continental fence panels come pre-treated. So, although there is no immediate need to treat or stain your fencing, you can take the design up a level by staining with your choice of outdoor timber paint. You can enhance the natural wood’s colour or go for totally different colour.

Wooden fence posts or concrete?

You can use both concrete or wooden fence posts with continental fence panels. They’ll both result in a slightly different style with different advantages. Wooden posts offer a more natural and subtle look, whilst concrete posts will provide stability and strength.

Venetian fence panels

Our venetian fence panels are just another type of continental fencing; perfect for screening off areas of your garden. They can of course also be used for entire fence walls but are perfect for creating secluded areas. They are hugely popular with landscapers partly due to the character and texture they can add to a garden.

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