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Building projects that will add value and increase saleability of your property

Thursday, November 01, 2018

If you're intending to sell your home within the next year or two, you probably already know that spring is widely considered the best season to sell a house. This is because spring represents fresh starts, the promise of summer is hovering on the horizon, and formerly limp, dead gardens transform into stunning colourful spaces. In order to have your home ready and on the market by spring, you may consider carrying out those building projects you've been putting off this winter.  

Consider cost effectiveness

When considering which areas to concentrate on for your home renovation it’s important to consider the balance between financial investment, time spent renovating and your expected returns. Having a clear well-researched plan will allow you to forecast whether or not a project is worth undertaking, and where you might make adjustments to either decrease the costs or add perceived value to your property. It is important to also bear in mind the timescale of your project and whether the inconvenience caused to your daily life will be worth it for the predicted profits.

Fix those structural problems

We’re jumping straight in with the nitty gritty here, but fixing any structural problems in your property is an important starting point. Although these projects can be expensive, they are essential to adding value, as something such as an unstable roof would be a deal breaker for most buyers. It’s advised that these projects are completed before anything cosmetic is considered due to the amount of upheaval they may cause to the rest of the house. Although it may be tempting to use cosmetic solutions to hide the problem from view, this will not fool a property valuer. So, fix those rotten roof timbers or that unstable chimney stack before you worry about installing your gleaming new kitchen.

Focus on the kitchen

A clean and modern kitchen is a priority for many buyers, so keeping yours from looking dated will greatly increase the saleability of your property. Flooring is a focal point and therefore a good place to start, and we offer a variety of options to suit your needs. One option to consider is engineered oak, which doesn’t harbour dirt and is easy to clean and keep looking fresh. To keep costs low, this can be paired with re-grouting the tiles, painting the cupboards, and replacing the hardware to brighten the place up without breaking the bank.

Building projects

Opt for a loft conversion

If you’re looking to increase the usable floor space of your property, a loft conversion is often a great way to add an extra bedroom and bathroom to your property. A standard loft conversion that doesn’t change the roof structure could cost anywhere between £15,000 – £45,000, but can add between 10-20% to the value of your property. Some benefits of opting for a loft conversion are that they are relatively straightforward, and won’t eat into any of your existing outdoor space.

Tackle the great outdoors

We’d also urge you not to forget about embellishing the outside of your home when renovating. Smart wooden decking can provide a cosy space to sit outside in the summer months, as well as making a powerful impression on potential buyers. You can browse our full range of decking boards here to select the right fit and look for your home. Fencing is another way to add value to your garden, whether choosing between concrete products or continental panels we’d recommend giving it some thought and sprucing up your outdoor space in time for summer.