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4 advantages to building with LP SolidSmart I-Joists

Monday, January 18, 2016

I-Joists, timber joists engineered in the shape of an I, were invented in 1969 and are a relatively new product in the construction industry. They were originally designed to combat problems associated with more conventional lumber joists when the more contemporary homes started being designed in the 70’s. The newly desired open floorplans required long, strong holding and long lasting joists - traditional joists lacked these requirements.


Timber I-Joists were initially costly, however, they have decreased over time as people have grown more accustomed to them. Prices have decreased and the benefits have continued to rise. In this blog we will outline just a few ways in which we think I-Joists are the premiere joists to use in any build.

Environmentally friendly

I-Joists are engineered out of timber, a natural and renewable resource – a great alternative to traditional lumber joists. I-Joists are made from fast growing, young trees that are continually being replenished whereas lumber joists are milled from larger, more mature trees. Using SFI certified forest management and fibre sourcing systems guarantees that the wood comes from well-managed forests, certifying that the wood is not illegally imported from unsustained forests. Additionally, to ensure the optimisation of each tree, wood waste is repurposed or used to fuel mills. Further support to the environment comes from the prohibition of urea-formaldehyde in the manufacturing of I-Joists and only low-emitting safe resins are used.

Speeds up the process

Both the design and the construction of I-Joists can help to speed up the process of a build. The strength of I-Joists allows designers to create a less complex and minimalistic floor plan; this can also make it faster for the construction to be completed. Another aspect that helps to speed up a construction project is the ease of using I-Joists, they are lighter than traditional lumber joists making them easier to handle. Fixing and nail I-Joists are also easier compared with traditional lumber due to their structure, area and build.

Energy efficient

LP Solid Start I-Joists have been specifically engineered to match the UK’s traditional brick and block coursing and standard EU Glulam depth, this helps to create an airtight ‘envelope’ in the structure of a building – making a more thermally efficient structure. This not only benefits the build but can also lead to cost savings to the consumer due to lower maintenance costs.

Cost saving

All of the above factors point to how using I-Joists can be ultimately more cost efficient; using I-Joists can rapidly speed up the building process. Time and cost savings are present from the design of a building throughout the build and eventually through to the maintenance of a building.

I-Joists can help save time, money and effort throughout the build of a structure due to their strength, durability, size and flexibility. I-Joists have proved to be a hugely beneficial investment to all aspects of a building process.

LP SolidStart I-Joists are known for their great strength in relation to size, they are manufactured with a wide flange for increased stability and a larger nailing area for easier an easier fix. At Beaumont Forest we have a wide selection of timber and sheet material and are proud to stock LP SolidStart I-Joists. These engineered I-Joists have been specifically developed for the UK market to help meet the ever changing building regulations. All of our I-Joists are backed with a lifetime limited warranty.